In mid 2015, I made a commitment to each day pick up one piece of trash or litter on the ground & properly dispose of it. When other people saw me picking up trash or when I told them about the idea, the more others began to adopt the practice themselves. 

Seeing how quickly others took to the idea & how good they felt about themselves doing it, I decided to create a page at OnePiecePer.com to see if more people wanted to join the movement.

Welcome to our team of heroes (and heroines) saving the environment one piece of litter at a time.


Steven Daar


"Be The Change You Want To See In The World" - Mahatma Ghandi

Every day you have choices. While your choices primarily affect your life, you can "zoom out" and see what hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are choosing.

If millions of people are choosing to litter instead of properly disposing of their trash, it doesn't take very long for that to add up and begin having a signficantly negative impact on the environment.

While it may feel overwhelming and you may feel like it is "you vs. millions", listen to your heart and what feels like the right thing to do.

By being the change you want to see, your impact goes far beyond the pieces of litter you pick up each day, week, or month.

In the short lifespan of One Piece Per, we have found this concept to be immensely "viral" when people have truly committed to making their impact.

You may inspire two people to join (who each then inspire two more people). As more people join the movement and inspire those around them, it may not be that long until the people who are littering are the ones who feel like they are "one vs. millions".

If you love this Earth and desire to see it be as beautiful and healthy as it possibly can, get #GetDownWithOPP


It is 100% Free to join (assuming your cell phone plan can handle an extra 30 - 60 text messages per month). There are no strict requirements or commitments.

The goal is to make picking up litter something you consider doing on a daily basis, something you discuss with others when they see you being a hero/heroine & empower you with an actionable way to help our Earth be more beautiful for yourself, your family, your friends, & everyone who will come after us.


What is the "catch" for signing up?

You will get a daily text with a reminder to pick up a piece of trash or litter but you will never be required to pay anything nor is there any sort of punishment for not sticking to your commitment 100%

Why should I bother - - how much good can picking up one piece do?

More good than not picking up one piece! If you become committed to the practice, you may find yourself picking up more than one piece per day (that, of course, is completely up to you)

Others will see you doing good and may be inspired themselves to take up the practice. You never know who, when, or how you will influence others.

Isn't trash or litter pretty disgusting (and potentially unhealthy) to touch?

It can be a bit gross. Feel free to stick to the cleanest looking pieces of litter. Choose to pick up trash close to home or the office or other buildings you are about to enter where you know you can wash your hands soon after throwing the litter away.

How can I share this idea with others?

Glad you asked! Feel free to click any of the social media buttons that are up and to the left side of the page or the buttons directly underneath this FAQ.

Be sure to use our hashtag #GetDownWithOPP

It would also be awesome if you took a picture of you picking up and/or throwing away a piece of litter, posting it to Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and include #GetDownWithOPP